Tailgate Murals

Why not honor your ride with airbrushed vainglory?

tailgate mural

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A splendid crown for losers of all types.


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Adult Halloween Costumes

There’s a fine line between creepy and disturbed.

halloween costumes

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3-Minute Legs

Firm abs, tone legs, and impeccable tea-bagging technique in one simple machine.

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3D Playboy Magazines

Just when Fred was about to venture out from his mom’s basement.

loser in basement3d playboy

MMA T-Shirts

Waxed eyebrows - check. Spray Tan - check. MMA shirt - check.

Douchebag status - priceless.

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Spray On Hair

Thick and lifelike coverage for everything except inadequacy.

spray on hair

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Cash 4 Gold

They’ll even take gold records…

cash 4 gold

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Navy allows women to serve on submarines

Get ready to go deep.


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answerthequestion-deactivated20 said: How about Crocs worn by adults!? Anyone over the age of 6 should not be allowed to wear crocs with the exception of nurses!

Well done, sir. I have honored your suggestion.

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